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Type the English word in the box below and press the "Get Meaning" Button or press the Enter Key to get the Bengali meaning. You do not need any Bangla font to view the texts.

Type English Word Here:

'; else echo "'$keyword' was not found in the dictionary. Post your word to Our Facebook Forum to get the meaning within a few hours."; ?>

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You can read all the Bangladeshi Bangla and English Newspapers and Magazines from our Homepage (please click here). You do not need to remember the website addresses of all newspapers and magazines. Just remember and you can get all Newspapers and Magazines in this page.

This Dictionary has a huge word stock and you can get the meaning of most of the words in this dictionary. However, you need to search with the ROOT or ORIGINAL word to get the meaning of related words. Please follow the examples below.

1. Do not use Past, Past Participle or Future forms of a word. Use Only the PRESENT form.
For example: Instead of recovered, search with recover. Instead of claimed, search with claim.

2. Do not use Plural form, Always use Only singular form.
For example: Instead of loans, search with loan. Instead of degrees, search with degree.

3. Do not use "íng" at the end of the word.
For example: Instead of trading, search with trade. Instead of hosting, search with host.

4. Do not use two words together. Always use a Single Word.
For example: Instead of credit card, search with credit. Instead of insurance policy, search with insurance.

5. Similarly always use the ROOT or ORIGINAL word for searching the meaning. If you do not get the meaning of a Word, try with a similar word.

If you can not get the meaning even after trying with similar words, please let us know the word and we will add that word to our dictionary immediately. To contact us please click here

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